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Dean Sparks

general manager

The MoCo Board is excited to announce we have hired our inaugural General Manager, Dean Sparks. Welcome! Dean comes to us from Bellingham, Washington where he has been writing his autobiography.

A native of Everett, Washington, Dean has spent 20 years in the organic/natural food industry. Amongst many experiences and skills, Dean has owned and run his own 54-acre organic egg farm, owned a full line of organic dairy products, and worked with noted Chef Mario Batali to open Eataly, a 54,000-square foot eatery in NYC focused on local food.

Dean was Grocery Manager at the GreenStar Food Co-op in Ithaca, New York, and served as General Manager for Hart's Local Grocers, the first grocery retailer in downtown Rochester, New York, in more than 30 years. Dean's career has given him a well-rounded view of the organic/local food industry, from dirt to dinner plate. We are thrilled to have him on board.


Message from the General Manager

When I was looking out the window of my condo in Bellingham, Washington, a few months ago, watching the ocean waves crash against the bay, I couldn’t imagine packing up my worldly possessions for the snow-covered majesty of Northern Vermont. 

But then I met this remarkably talented group of volunteers, dedicated to bringing a real food option to their community. I learned about their 6-year effort to raise funds, learn about Cooperative principles, and the joy that shared ownership can bring to those in their communities dedicated to healthy, local food.

I couldn’t pack fast enough. 

Passion for local, sustainably raised food is right in my wheelhouse. For nearly 20 years I have worked every day to educate consumers on the myriad of benefits that supporting local farming enterprise brings to struggling economies. I’ve been a farmer, a distributor, a retailer, and a consumer. Along the way, sharing passion for local food has driven my professional life.

I’m blessed to love what I do. I’m thrilled to share my experience with MoCo.

We can’t wait to welcome you in. Come enjoy the bounty of the harvest. Stay awhile. See some friends. Share a recipe or two. Try some great cheese. Leave with a smile and the knowledge you’re supporting local business and eating well at the same time. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Welcome to fresh. Welcome to local. Welcome to MoCo!

Best Regards, 

Dean Sparks
General Manager
Morrisville Food Cooperative


Could it be you?

store manager ; Lead cashier

For weeks, we have been looking for the perfect candidates to join our team in serving our community. Who will it be? Check back later this month for the big reveal!


Join our squad!

general staff

As our opening date (TBD) approaches, we will be looking for friendly, smiling faces to join our team! Stay tuned! We will be posting employment opportunities later this summer.