All grocery orders must be submitted via the form below. We can not accept direct phone call orders at this time.

Please use only the form below for orders and questions about products. Please do not use the CONTACT US form or any other website form, as they do not go to the store staff.


Please read all instructions carefully for accurate ordering and safe pickup of your order.




Fill out the form below in as much detail as possible (brand, flavor, size etc.) and submit your form when complete. If requesting a particular brand, please also indicate whether you will accept a substitution if that brand is not available.

A staff member will contact you by phone to finalize your list, fill in any needed details, and obtain payment information. There will be an opportunity to ask questions about products, at that time.

Once your order is filled, you will be notified when it may be picked up curbside at MOCO.


A table has been set up at the bottom of our ramp for order pickup. There is also a bell near the table. When you arrive to pick up your order, please call to let us know you have arrived; 802 888 2255. Please also confirm at that time whether you will need assistance loading your vehicle. Please ring the bell beside the table if you are not able to reach the staff by phone; then please move 6' away from the pickup table.

If picking up your order – remain on the sidewalk, careful to maintain a minimum of 6 feet away from the table. Staff will place your order on the table. When staff has returned inside the store, please collect your order.

If you indicated that you will require assistance loading your order - open your trunk and return to your vehicle (or use auto open). Staff will load your order into your vehicle and return inside. You must close your vehicle trunk.

A list of products and their availability status is provided below to help you create your grocery order. If the checkbox is checked beside an item, then that item is in stock - at the time of posting. Please note that this list is not complete and we are working daily to continue to update and add to the list.  

Updated March 31

Department Photo Gallery - to assist shoppers even further, we will be compiling a gallery of photos of major product groups as a visual shopping aid. This is in the beginning stages and photos will be added as quickly as possible. View the gallery here.



Please include as much detail as possible such as quantity, weight, brand, flavor etc.



includes milk, cheese, yougurt, OJ


includes all fresh greens, vegetables, and fruit


includes herbs/spices, nuts, flours, coffee, beans, granola, rice

FRESH/FROZEN  MEATS/FISH includes all meat, poultry, fish



includes cleaning products, personal care, toiletries, paper goods.

WINE, BEER, BEVERAGES includes all wines, beers, hard seltzers, sodas, mead, ciders

HEALTH & WELLNESS includes vitamins, supplements, cough/cold, health/beauty, CBD

SNACKS includes, cookies, chips, crackers, chocolate, granola bars

MISCELLANEOUS includes pasta, sauces, soups, dressings, oils, cereals etc.


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