Founding MoCo Member-Ownership

Founding MoCo Member-Ownership


The best way to support the creation of Morrisville's first ever food co-op is by becoming a member-owner! Join our community today!

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**If you require assistance, please fill out our separate Assistance Form.**

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(1) You have the right to participate in the governance of MoCo.
(2) You have the right to receive patronage dividends and other member benefits when and if such dividends and benefits are declared. Such dividends and benefits will be governed by the MoCo By-Laws.
(3) The above rights take effect with your first payment and stay in effect as long as payments are kept current.
(4) Shares are entitled to no dividends, and they may not be sold or transferred except through MoCo.
(5) The share you purchase is returnable only upon termination of ownership. Returns are payable at the discretion of the Board of Directors. You can receive no more than you paid in, and it may be less if MoCo encounters financial difficulties. 
(6) These limitations and other terms and conditions are further described in the MoCo By-Laws. 
(7) Funds expended for the purchase of shares are risk capital, and you could lose all or part of such funds.
(8) Download the By-Laws for further information. 

An electronic copy of the By-Laws can be found at the very bottom of our website.