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MOCO Staff Members

Mark Andrews
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Meet Our General Manager

Michael Hauser

Before joining MOCO as General Manger, Mike was the evening manager at the Hunger Mountain Co-op in Montpelier for a period of three years. He brings his experience from his previous position, as well as his extensive background in retail, grocery and restaurant management to help fulfill his role as GM. Mike has lived in the community for over three decades, giving him insight into the dynamics and needs of local residents and Lamoille County. Mike is dedicated to helping bring high quality, healthy foods to Morrisville that are accessible to everyone. It is also important to him to address our environmental responsibilities while also helping sustain local farmers, growers and producers. 

Elly has worked in higher education and the non-profit sector her entire professional life. She has served on the inaugural Hyde Park Energy Committee for about a year and began as a volunteer with MoCo as a member of the Community Committee.

Elly has a Masters Degree in Exercise Science and a BA in Athletic Training/Psychology. Her interest and experience in Sustainability and the Environment comes from a passion and lifestyle of learning and teaching. As the Outreach Manager for the Lamoille Regional Solid Waste Management District, she spends a lot of time in Lamoille County communities. Her robust knowledge of local organizations, events, and culture assist in identifying connections and opportunities for MoCo.


Activities which Elly enjoys include being out on a trail with her family - including the family pooch, reading a book, playing in the dirt, or spending quality time hosting or traveling with family & friends.

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Lisa is a faculty member at Northern Vermont University where she teaches classes in Sustainability, Environmental Science and Biology. Before moving to Vermont, Lisa was the director of a Sustainability Leadership Semester and an environmental educator at Goshen College in Goshen Indiana.

Lisa’s expertise in sustainability helps to communicate the importance of a locally owned food co-op and the high value it brings to the community. As stated by Lisa, “Sustainability is the idea that any successful endeavor must consider the environmental components, the social components, and the economic components. I think this lens will help us as we look toward MoCo’s future growth and success”.

In her leisure time, Lisa enjoys birding, hiking, kayaking and walking her dogs as well as reading and woodworking.

Tricia is a thirty-year resident of Vermont and is the Community Development Coordinator for the Town of Morristown. She is very connected to the community and believes that the growth of MoCo must come from community commitment.

As a previous grower, Tricia understands the importance of shopping locally and keeping our local growers and producers in business. She believes that MoCo is becoming a community hub; a place that people can congregate and shop for the best products around.


Tricia enjoys gardening and is also a lover of the arts.


Board Member




Board Member

Jack has been a professional food service operator for over 40 years. His background includes expertise in food procurement, storage and preparation.  Jack’s lifelong dedication to food and his love of cooking further underscore his views on the importance of access to quality sustainable food.

In addition to cooking for his family, Jack enjoys biking and skiing.

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Board Member


Nancy has served in a number of managerial positions in private industry, government and non-profits. She has also served on a number of Boards including two school committees, Massachusetts Council of churches and a community farmers market.  While retired, she currently sits on three local boards in our community.


As she has worked extensively in finance, Nancy comfortably serves as Treasurer and can also lend her expertise in finance. Nancy also assists with volunteer work for MoCo.


Nancy is a “new” Vermonter having lived here just over five years. She has a love of our farming culture and joined the coop as a way to support local farmers, and finding ways to connect local farming to the greater community.


In her spare time, Nancy enjoys photography and loves to share her passion whenever there is an opportunity to display her work. She is also an avid biker and particularly enjoys biking the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail as well as the roads around the Northeast Kingdom.


Board Member


Nina worked for 30 years as a Reading Specialist in the NE Kingdom. Since retiring nearly five years ago, she has enjoyed having the time to give back to her community by volunteering. Nina believes in MoCo’s mission to build a strong, vibrant and healthy community, with both social and economic benefits. She feels that education about healthy eating, and ways to do so economically, is extremely important and would like to expand that effort.

Nina enjoys hiking, gardening, skiing and loves to cook. She and her husband Allen enjoy the many great recreational opportunities in the area.

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Board Member


Kelley settled in Lamoille County in 1993 because it offered everything she was hoping for to build a healthy lifestyle. She appreciates the natural beauty, outdoor activities, and local farms that fuel her passions.
Growing up in suburban Denver, Kelley had never met a farmer until she started cooking at the Blue Moon Café. It was there that she was introduced to what farm-to-table truly meant. 

Kelley was inspired to continue her culinary training at the Cordon Bleu in Paris and cooking healthy, local food has been part of her daily life ever since. She loves sharing her passion of healthy, local meals, especially if she bought the ingredients at MOCO! 

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Board Member


Elaine has spent her professional career in higher education and corporate communications. She has served on numerous boards and committees in pursuit of both professional and personal passions. Professionally, Elaine has always been drawn to effective storytelling as a vehicle to evoke emotion that drives action.


With her background in communications, fundraising and data analysis, Elaine will be able to continue to share the value of MoCo to the greater community. She believes that food co-ops offer communities the chance to be part of the fabric of their food supply chain in a way that just isn’t attainable with larger grocery chains.

Elaine enjoys hiking, gardening, cooking and supporting community initiatives.


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