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Founding MoCo Member-Ownership


The best way to support the creation of Morrisville's first ever food co-op is by becoming a member-owner! Join our community today!

Need some convincing? Read about the many benefits of becoming a member here

**If you require assistance, please fill out our separate Assistance Form.**

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Assisted Member-Ownership

Please meet with General Manager for pricing.

Part of our mission is to make MoCo accessible to all. We strive to make member-ownership available to all those who are passionate about the local food movement, whether or not you have the ability to pay your membership fee upfront.

If you are interested in becoming a MoCo Member-Owner but need a hand, please fill out this form and we will be in touch. 

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Founding Member-Owner Bonuses

Did you know that founding member-owners of the co-op receive even more benefits than your regular ol' MoCo Member-Owners? If you become a member before our store opens in August, you, too, will receive the following bonus benefits:

  • An invitation to our Founder's Event the night before our Grand Opening
  • 2% discount in-store for the first year
  • A MoCo mug with complimentary brewed coffee for an entire year!
  • Patronage* after MoCo has been up and running for a full year

*Each year, if the Board determines there are available profits to circulate to member-owners, you'll be sent a check based on the percentage of sales you contributed throughout the year. You'll be sent a MoCo Loyalty Card soon to swipe each time you make purchases in the store so we can track your patronage percentage. The Board will review profits annually and determine patronage each year based on the operational needs of the Co-op.


There are so many great local businesses that are supportive of MoCo's mission. In fact, they are so supportive that as incentive to join MoCo that they offer discounts or benefits to all MoCo members! We love our neighbors and hope you will show them your appreciation by giving them your business!

All members save $1 on pizza at Pizza on Main!

With the purchase $20 of VT meat, MoCo members receive 50% off the purchase of Mama Hoo-Rah (pairs fantastically with meat!) at Riverbend Market.

Salon Ruelle offers MoCo members 10% off all services and products.

MoCo members will receive 10% off all events and farm venue rentals at Sandiwood Farm.

At Spiral Pathways Holistic Health & Learning, get 10% off on all services and products!

All MoCo members will receive 10% off all purchases at Stowe Kitchen Bath and Linens.

MoCo members receive 10% off a reservation at Stowe Meadows Lodge.

Thompson's Flour Shop is giving MoCo members a free cup of coffee with every purchase!

MoCo members receive 50% off the first purchase of a 10-class card as well 10% off workshops at It's Yoga MoVegas.

Artistic Roots Salon is offering 10% off all salon products to MoCo Members. 

MoCo members receive $2 off the purchase of 1 adult movie ticket at the Bijou Cineplex (offer not valid Friday & Saturdays).

Blackbird Wellness will apply a 10% discount to all services.

MoCo members receive $5 off oil changes or state inspection at Bourne's Service Center.

Buffalo Mountain Co-op (Hardwick) will match their own member discount (2%).

MoCo members receive a 5% discount off all purchases at Butternut Mountain Farm.

Connecting Rhythms Bodywork offers MoCo members 10% off all massage services

MoCo members will receive the usual member-owner discount at Hunger Mountain Co-op in Montpelier!

Moog's Place is offering MoCo members a 10% off food purchases

Assistance Fund

The MoCo Membership Assistance Fund is a pool of funds dedicated to increasing food access in the Lamoille Valley region by subsidizing co-op membership for low-income members. It extends the full benefits of co-op membership to those who cannot otherwise afford the $200 member capital requirement. The funding has come from co-op members who have donated to the program.

The Fund helps MoCo reach its goal of ensuring that the co-op is “accessible to all.” 

how much will it cost?

The cost to you will be $100.00, which can be paid monthly in increments as low as $10.00. We are currently offering a limited number of assisted memberships. When we receive more donations to this program we will open it up to more people. 

who is eligible for assistance?

Anyone who cannot afford to pay the $200.00! We will not ask any questions, but are offering this on a good faith basis. You alone determine whether you need the support of this program to become a member-owner. We also ask if your financial situation changes in a way that allows you to make more partial or full payments that you do so. This will enable the pool of funds to be spread more widely among members in need. Requests for membership assistance is for new members only

how can others help?

Members, shoppers, neighbors and local businesses and institutions are encouraged to contribute in any amount. The larger the fund, the more we will be able to do outreach and expand co-op membership to the populations who stand to benefit most from access to nutritious foods, community engagement, and cooperative business ownership.

ok, how do i sign up?

In order to request assistance, fill out the Assistance Fund Application by clicking "Apply Now" at the top of this page. Once we have received your application, we will contact you to schedule a short meeting to discuss your payment options and get you signed up. We absolutely respect your privacy and will not ask any prying questions regarding your financial situation.