Assistance Fund

The MoCo Membership Assistance Fund is a pool of funds dedicated to increasing food access in the Lamoille Valley region by subsidizing co-op membership for low-income members. It extends the full benefits of co-op membership to those who cannot otherwise afford the $200 member capital requirement. The funding has come from co-op members who have donated to the program.

The Fund meets MoCo’s mission that the co-op be “accessible to all.” MoCo’s mission is to create a community-owned food market, committed to the health and well-being of people, emphasizing local and organic products, and supporting a dynamic community, accessible to all.

How much will it cost?

The cost to you will be $100.00, which can be paid monthly in increments as low as $10.00. We are currently offering a limited number of assisted memberships. When we receive more donations to this program we will open it up to more people. A membership form as well as the Assistance application will need to be filled out.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who cannot afford to pay the $200.00! We will not ask any questions, but are offering this on a good faith basis. You alone determine whether you need the support of this program to become a member-owner. We also ask if your financial situation changes, and allows you to make more partial or full payments, that you do so. This will enable the pool of funds to be spread more widely among members in need. Requests for membership assistance is for new members only.

How can others help?

Members, shoppers, neighbors and local businesses and institutions are encouraged to contribute in any amount. The larger the fund, the more we will be able to do outreach and expand co-op membership to the populations who stand to benefit most from access to nutritious foods, community engagement, and cooperative business ownership.

Click here to download a Membership Assistance and MoCo member application.


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