July 2016


Hey you (yes you)!

MoCo is excited to announce that our Member Loan Campaign has officially begun! The goal, as stated in our business plan, is to raise $500,000 from our community of members. This capital is crucial to our development- once we have raised the needed funds from the community, we can take that to the bank to secure the commercial loans we need to finance our co-op.

We hope that you will join us in believing that an investment in our co-op will produce a great return- for ourselves as individuals, for our local farmers, and for our local economy. We strongly believe that a member loan to MoCo will benefit this community for many years to come.

Securing financing is never the most exciting phase of developing a community resource. Most of us would rather dream of how we want our store to look, what we need to stock its shelves, and how our co-op can function as a social and educational hub in Lamoille county. The reality is, however, that we need a good chunk of capital not just to build and stock our store, but to make sure that it survives those first few years in business. We need to know that when we open those doors, we have set this store up for success.

The exciting thing about this member loan campaign is that, when we have reached our goal, our store will be financed largely by members of our own community. Not stockholders. Not large out of state investors. Just the people of this community, working together to create and support the store that they will shop in. This community funded approach is what will make our store different, what will help our store survive, and what will keep us all coming back through those doors again and again. Our store. Created and supported by us. Now that's something to get excited about!

All member-owners should be receiving their member loan packet in the mail soon. Please read through this packet carefully, as it will explain the available terms of our member loans, and take some time to think about what your household can afford to loan your co-op.

Questions? Please contact:

Becca Jordan, Project Manager                                                                                                             info@morrisvillecoop.com, 802.522.3989


 Sarah Thomas, Board Chair                                                                                                                sthomas7584@gmail.com, 802.324.2945

We hope to hear from you soon!

"I loaned money to the co-op because I want to get local fresh food in one convenient place, support farmers in northern Vermont and strengthen our local village. This is a pretty big win for a small investment."  – Nancy Banks, MoCo Member #181 


Under Construction : )

Having signed the "purchase and sale" agreement for the building earlier this year, major renovations are well underway. Located at 46 Pleasant Street in downtown Morrisville, we encourage you to stop by to check it out! Despite the construction, our office is open and we'd love for you to stop in and say "hi".

 Sara and Bob Schlosser - Sandiwood Farm


When MoCo Members Sara and Bob Schlosser were married at their land on Town Hill in Wolcott 28 years ago, they stood in an empty field with nothing but a gorgeous view of the mountains around them. Today that field holds their home, five greenhouses, a workshop, henhouse, countless mature trees and shrubs, and fields of vegetables, flowers and cover crops. The view remains as gorgeous as ever. Together they run Sandiwood Farm, and with help from their two grown children, it is truly a diversified family affair.

Many may recognize Sara and Bob from their years at the Stowe Farmer's Market, where Sandiwood Farm was a produce staple for 24 years. This is the first year that they are not making the trip into market every Sunday, but their produce and cut flowers are easier than ever to get your hands on. Unlike the traditional CSA, where a customer pays for weekly deliveries of vegetables in advance and receives a delivery of the week's harvest from the farm, Sara emails the list of her week's available produce with prices to interested customers. People can then choose what they want, how much they want, and when they want it. Once a week, Sara delivers your chosen bundle of produce and flowers to convenient pick up locations in Stowe and Morrisville. Those who live nearby are welcome and encouraged to pick up at the farm. Sara is finding that customers enjoy the flexibility of this new model. This spring many home gardeners took advantage to supplement their home harvest, find those more exotic varieties, or enjoy some early season veggies out of the greenhouse before the average home garden is producing. Contact sara@sandiwoodfarm.com to get on the list.

In true Vermont style, Sara and Bob have found many ways to craft a living doing what they love to do. Besides veggies and herbs, Sandiwood Farm offers plant seedlings, maple syrup, and fresh cut bouquets. They host farm events- “farm to fork” dinners where guests sit at long tables inside a lighted greenhouse, weddings where the couple is married under a stone archway in a field of flowers and veggies, rehearsal dinners, workshops, yoga classes...they are open to finding creative ways to bring people into their unique and beautiful venue. Sara is a justice of the peace, and works part time at High Mowing Seeds in Wolcott. Bob is a skilled carpenter. Their daughter, Sandi, is a graduate of the New England Culinary Institute, and caters many of the farm dinners. Their son, Kyle, is a UVM graduate with a degree in tourism and recreation- he helps with mowing, harvesting and preparing for farm events. Together they have created a beautiful, welcoming and productive home and farm.

Sara and Bob were early supporters of MoCo, and have always jumped in to help spread the MoCo word to customers and fellow farmers. Why are they so passionate about a food co-op in Morrisville? Sara says, “We definitely want to see healthy local food available in the community year round, of course. But also we want that community shopping experience- workshops, education, and all the things MoCo can be that we don't even know yet. We are so excited for what this store can bring to this community!”

Want to check out the farm? Mark your calendar for the NOFA VT Celebrate Your Farmer Social, hosted by Sandiwood on July 21. Farm tours and wood fired pizza? Sounds like a nice summer night! To register for this free event visit http://nofavt.org/events/celebrate-your-farmer-social-sandiwood-farm.

And please do check out Sandiwood Farm's website at www.sandiwoodfarm.com for more info on the farm and all it has to offer!  

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